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Engineering, Procurement and Construction

We provide entire Engineering Procurement construction & testing services in PV Solar projects including civil, mechanical and electrical construction services. The focus of OPJ Power Solutions is to provide quality assured installation & commissioning work in PV solar projects in India. Our services assures that all systems and components of a PV system are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of the owner, customer, utility or project partner. We provide the most cost-effective solutions for Solar Installation and Commissioning services. We guarantee the value, strength, durability, and ease of installation of small, medium as well as large solar projects from KW to MW scale solar projects.

We break the EPC process into 3 simple steps.

Step 1:

We assist in ascertaining the feasibility of a solar project through SEAR (Solar Energy Assessment Report).

Step 2:

Designing the LAYOUT (Solar Module Layout) details the placement of modules and other key equipment of a solar power plant. Both our offerings are designed for all possible variations of projects - rooftop and ground mounted, MW and kW scale, promising users a tailor made solution to their unique requirements.

Step 3:

Execution & commissioning of the project in co-ordination with Client.

Financial Model

The Solar Energy Financial Model forecasts the expected financials for a Solar project and calculates the project’s IRR (Investment Rate of Return) and NPV (Net Present Value). The Model provides a simple framework to quickly analyze the financial feasibility of a solar project. The worksheet allows evaluating the effect of any change in the assumptions on the IRRs and NPV and engineer an appropriate financing structure for a solar project. We provide or support in financial way to client if they are interested to install Solar at their premises Rooftop of Ground Mounted Solar plant on specific Terms & Conditions. Financial model is less capital intensive than the Capex model, wherein the owner has to pay the entire upfront cost of components and installation. In contrast, in a financial model the entire system is owned by the developer and rooftop owners just must pay a monthly predetermined tariff based on their consumption of electricity. In the Financial model, the responsibility of operations and maintenance is entirely on the Investor.

SCADA Monitoring Solutions

OPJ Power Solutions provides integrated monitoring, control, and management of your solar power plant energy generation as well as solar power plant performance. A Solar Power plant SCADA Monitoring system is necessary for a commercial solar system. It has following functions-

  •   Track your solar system work in best performance. Guarantees the continuity and optimal efficiency of the plant over time
  •   Reduces the risk of revenue loss due to system malfunction
  •   Prevents service failures, anticipate the need for technical assistance and reduce restoration time of the plant in the event of failure or malfunction

Solar Power Plant SCADA Features

  •   Monitor, manage and control your facilities, and simplify day-to-day operations, with the most user-friendly solar monitoring system in the market.
  •   Gain additional control of your enterprise with embedded software modules. Monitor measure and optimize your solar plant units of energy generation, energy consumed in night, alarms and gain insights through a single view
  •   Increase power quality awareness
  •   Improve energy Accountability